Thursday, February 25, 2010

Library Visit

We made a visit to the main county library last night. I don't go there very often because it is a bit of a drive for me, and there is a local library that is generally sufficient. Every once in a while, though, I like to go to the bigger location because they have such a wide selection. When I select movies for our viewing, I tend to drift through the stacks and pick up whatever appeals to my interests as I wander. The selection of movies is far better at the main branch. I drifted along and selected about 16 movies last night, only to find that the checkout limits have decreased to a maximum of ten movies at a time. I had to finagle to get a card for my husband so that I could bring home all the movies I had chosen. It's just easier that way. In the end, I brought home all the movies I had selected, so it was worth the extra hassle.

I talked to the library assistant for a bit about audio books last night because Kira adores The Magic Treehouse audio books. Unfortunately, there is a limit to just how many of those books there are and how many my library actually has. After a bit of discussion and browsing, I chose to bring home 4 new audio books.

     - Judy Moody Declares Independence
     - Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery (Kira enjoyed the story, but I did not enjoy the narrator.)
     - Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the U.F.O.
     - Kit: An American Girl (Okay, I have to admit that I was prepared to dislike this. I have a natural aversion to History in just about any form. I decided to bring this home at the last minute even though I knew I would be seriously miserable having to listen to the story. Last night, in hopes of boring Kira to sleep, I put this in. Kira and I sat up until nearly 1:00 AM listening to Kit's story. Even after Kira was asleep, I continued to listen. I was absolutely captivated. The narration is engaging and the story is just amazing. I will definitely be finding more of these. )

Along with the four audio books, I also brought home several movies.

     - I Want to be a ... Firefighter: Explore a Career in Firefighting (I would really like to know where THIS movie was last year when Kira first became obsessed with fire. This movie would have saved me a ton of hassle and frustration.)
     - Savage Skies: Fire and Rain
     - Wetlands: Georgia's Vanishing Treasure
     - National Geographic: Ballad of the Irish Horse
     - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Going to School (I watched all of 5 minutes of this and turned it off. Did I really used to watch this show? )
     - National Geographic: Ocean Drifters
     - National Geographic: Dolphins, the Wild Side
     - National Geographic: Born of Fire
     - National Geographic: Killer Wave: The Power of the Tsunami
     - Life Science: All About Fish
     - National Geographic: Dinosaur Giants: FOUND
     - Eyewitness: Shark
     - Amazing Animals: Endangered Animals
     - National Geographic: Volcano!
     - Amazing Animals: Armored Animals
     - Eyewitness: Elephant
     - Eyewitness: Jungle

I also picked up one book - Real-Life Homeschooling by: Rhonda Barfield.


Petula said...

Whew, those are a lot of movies! Sounds interesting. I love audio books and the National Geographic stuff. The children and I watched a show about grisly and brown bears, killer whales and sea lions, squid, etc. I had originally turned the channel on 'cause I knew it wouldn't distract me too badly as I worked. Problem was I forgot how much the children love animals and nature.

We got a great 3-D bugs book and a flip out monkey one at the dollar store. I "forced" them to get something besides toys so I was glad when Andre (mom) found something that he was interested in.