Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ignore This, Please

If you've been reading for a while, then you are aware that this blog is partially intended as a detail of records for our schooling. This post is for the purpose of records keeping, so while it may appear to be a bit odd... just nod and smile and say to yourself "Man, she's one smart Mom for covering her bases so thoroughly." and then come back to visit again when we talk about the next set of event. 


Email Sent January 13, 2009 

Thank you again for contacting the Georgia Department of Education. This response has been provided by AskDOE, the Superintendent’s Helpdesk. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this response, please don’t hesitate to contact AskDOE at 404-656-2800 or 800-311-3627 and refer to Help Ticket number 00403717.

Email Received:

I have a question regarding the compulsory attendance regulations for home

My daughter will turn 6 years old on September 8th of this year. Her birthday
falls after the cut off date for entering the 1st grade.

I am aware of Georgia's laws. However, I am uncertain about when we will need
to begin reporting to our local DOE.

Do we begin reporting this year even though her birthday falls after the
September 1st cut off date?

Or are we exempt from the attendance regulations until the following year when
she will be 6 years old prior to the September 1st cut off date?

Please advise.


Shaunalynn Schonder



Response Received January 14, 2009 

Response from AskDOE:

S Schonder

Dear Ms. Schonder:

Your e-mail to State Superintendent Kathy Cox has been received and is being addressed by AskDOE, the Superintendent’s help desk. Thank you for this opportunity to assist you. I am responding on behalf of the Superintendent.

Because mandatory attendance is from ages 6 - 16, you will not need to report intent to home school. Kindergarten is not required in Georgia. However, when she reaches the age for grade 1, you will need to submit a Declaration of Intent and Monthly Attendance Reports to your local school district. Your child will be eligible for public school 1st grade when she is 6 and soon to be 7.

I wish you the best and thank you, again, for contacting the Georgia Department of Education. Please let me know if I can provide further assistance.


(name deleted)
Education Administration Specialist


** We do not need to begin reporting attendance for Kira until September of 2011.**