Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Field Trips for Last Week

I am a bit late in writing about this. I just never got around to it, I suppose.

Last Tuesday, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. It is a regular trip for us, but this time I splurged a bit and paid for me and Kira to take a behind the scenes tour. I opted for the shorter tour because it was less expensive and, well, shorter.

We got to go up to the top of the tanks and watch the catfish being fed. We also got to visit the top of the Ocean Voyager tank, where we were just two short feet away from the massive Whale Sharks as they swam by. I highly recommend this to anybody who loves to watch them in the tank. It's amazing just how huge they are when they get up close and personal.

Kira also had a chance to see a rubber replica of the food that the Whale Sharks eat. She got to touch and hold tiny krill and tiny little fish that looked exactly like what the big sharks get to eat. We learned about target feeding and broadcast feeding. Mostly, though, it was just really cool.

On Friday we visited Rock City, another nearby local attraction. We walked through the city made of rocks for THREE SOLID HOURS. (feel sorry for me please...) We visited Mother Goose Village and saw the diorama depictions of our favorite Mother Goose stories. It was a pretty good day. There was probably more fun there than education going on as I was so busy trying to deal with all the walking that I just wasn't focused on any learning.

Our next big field trip will be to the Imagine It museum in Atlanta. That's coming up in about 2 weeks, I believe. Grandma will be back from California, and she's coming with us, so the girls will have a double treat.