Thursday, October 22, 2009

Board Game Day

We joined our home school group on Monday to have a board game day. It was really fun. The girls got to play different games with other kids and start getting to know these kids that we hope to spend a bit of time with over the next year.

The host provided snacks and treats and games. Everybody was asked to bring any special games that their kids might enjoy playing.

Kira spent most of the time following her baby sister around. I was surprised at how shy she became and how long it took her to warm up to the new group of kids. She isn't usually so timid.

I'm looking forward to spending time with these families this year. We're doing a field trip next Tuesday that should be loads of fun.


Chiara said...

How often does she get to meet up with other kids to do educational things like boardgames?
Did the boardgames have lots of nice Maths/literacy concepts? :D
The kids in my class love it when we have boardgame/maths game sessions and forget that they're doing 'hard' things!

Mom said...

This was our first get together with our home school group. The frequency varies throughout the year.

Right now Kira is only 5 yrs old so her interaction with other kids is more about playing than learning.

Chiara said...

Playing can often *be* learning. :)
I'm hoping I won't ever forget that, and will give even year 10s 'playing' activities to get them to understand concepts.