Friday, June 26, 2009

Magic School Bus

I'm starting out Marisa's day with a Magic School Bus DVD. Kira is still sleeping, so she isn't enjoying the show just yet.

The Magic School Bus Catches a Wave

This DVD has 3 different episodes about water. The first episode covers the water cycle. All the kids go on a field trip where they turn into water and live the water cycle for a while. They change from water drops to water vapor and then to ice crystals and then to clouds. After they turn into clouds, they turn back into water drops and rain. The cycle continues for a while until they are able to make their way back to school via the water purification system.

Even though I've seen this DVD several times, I can't quite recall the other episodes. I believe one is about erosion and how water can break rocks and shape mountains. There's a third episode, but I really can't remember what that one is about.

UPDATE: The third one is about sinking and floating. They talk about water displacement and other such concepts.

I love The Magic School Bus. It's perfect for teaching Science concepts. The kids love watching the shows and don't even realize just how much they are learning.

The Magic School Bus also has a series of books that the kids enjoy reading.


Jenera said...

I loved watching the Magic School Bus as a kid. i didn't know it was still around.

Mom said...

Yes, it is. You can buy DVDs with the episodes. I also purchased a bunch of VHS tapes off of Ebay so I would have the Bus here for my girls.

I don't know if they show it on TV of not, but the books can be purchased through Scholastic or found at the library.