Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coffe Shop School

Today Kira and I wandered off to my favorite Starbucks to sit and work on school. Kira loves to do worksheets, so I brought along her current workbook. She completed 16 different pages out of her workbook - front and back. Just WOW!

She also made her very first purchase today. She decided that she wanted a brownie, so I sent her to the counter with $3.00 to make her purchase. (I was sitting right by the counter.) She told the lady what she wanted, and patiently waited for her change and her brownie. After she returned the change to me, I had her choose 2 quarters to place in the tip box. She asked the lady at the counter where to put the tip money. She even said 'thank you' and 'have a nice day' after her purchase was completed. Her reward for such a wonderful accomplishment was a brownie that was apparently very yummy. The brownie really didn't last long.

After she finished her workbook pages, she spent a few minutes finding different shapes in the coffee shop and outside the coffee shop. Then she pointed out what the different customers were doing.

This was a wonderful learning experience for both of us. I think this may become a favorite spot for studying. That has absolutely NOTHING to do with the hot chocolate here. HONEST!!!