Friday, May 22, 2009

Lessons for Today

We've had a very busy day today.

Kira spent an hour playing Jumpstart World Pet Playground. This computer game is geared to children ages 4 to 8. The game has a couple of different functions on it. One game that can be played teaches and reinforces the beginning letter sounds of words. The other game is about ordinal numbers and choosing numbers that are lower than the given number. Kira was only playing on the beginning levels, so I'm not sure if the higher levels allow you to play more complicated games or not.

The object of Pet Playground is to earn enough gems to buy a pet. Then you have to buy the things your pet needs and take care of your pet. It is really quite interesting. She gets to learn about working for what she wants.

In addition to the computer game, Kira was introduced to the concept of actually working to earn money. She earned her very first dime today by helping her Daddy load the clothes into the washing machine.

Kira and I walked to the Dollar Tree to get a piggy bank for her money because she did not already have one. After I made my purchase, I allowed her to earn the change by telling me the names of the different coins and the monetary values of each coin. She earned $0.83 today. She's saving her money for Horseland Ponies because she doesn't want to wait until her birthday to get them. Her birthday is in September - a long time from now.

I notified the Grandma's that Kira would now be "for hire" should they have any jobs they want her to do. I also gave them a general monetary suggestion for how much they should offer if they plan to give her any jobs. The biggest key here is that she is not getting paid for doing her normal chores.