Friday, May 15, 2009

It All Began...

I have been sifting through an old blog that I started last year, but quickly abandoned after losing interest in the topic. I made the following post on August 29, 2008. Since my current focus has been on Kira and her obsession with fire, I felt that this post deserved to be copied into the new school blog. Here is how we became stuck on the topic of fire.


**The Fire Triangle**

Did you know there was such a thing called the fire triangle?

This is the terminology used to describe the combination of things that are needed for a fire to exist. Without all three of these objects, there can be no fire.

So what are these things, you ask - and why in the world am I discussing it. Well, my dear child has decided, after seeing an explosion on television, she needs to learn everything there is to know about all the different types of fire. She NEEDS to know what types there are and how they burn. We are currently reading about forest fires. We also visited our local fire department. The fire chief is putting together a packet of information, including a video, just for us so Kira can feed her current addiction.

So - now that I've told you where this newest obsession has come from, I'll share with you what is involved in that triangle.

To make a fire you need --- AIR - HEAT - FUEL --- yes, those three things must come together in the right combinations in order for the fire to exist.