Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Reading

Things have happened with leaps and bounds around here. I pulled out those star stickers and suddenly all Kira wants to do is sit in the bathroom and read words. It's awesome.

Her Grandma came to pick her up today, so I asked Grandma to visit our bathroom for a moment. I wanted to show her what Kira was doing. Kira took off running across the house chanting:

"Grandma! Grandma! I can read. I can read. I can read."

As soon as we got to the bathroom, Kira read several of her words before we pushed her out the door. She would have been quite intent to sit there and read all day. In fact, after she came back home, she did exactly that. We spent at least a half an hour sitting in the bathroom reading. I used some of her cards to create simple sentences. We discussed what sentences are and how words are used to create sentences. (haven't gotten to the parts of the sentence just yet...) Then Kira started taking the sentences I had created and manipulating them to make new sentences.

There is no doubt that Kira has definitely got this reading thing figured out now. It's just a matter of teaching her all the different rules and adding vocabulary to her collection of knowledge now.


Chiara said...

Wow, how exciting! I'm so pleased for you.
Even though they're not home schooling I wish parents of my future students would take the time to add to their child's learning and get them excited.

Kidgas said...

Interesting that she is reading in the bathroom like that. I know a lot of guys who will bring the newspaper into the bathroom, myself included, since at times it might take awile. But I have never known females to do that. I wonder if this will carry over into adulthood.

Glad to see that Kira is excited about reading. It is the gateway to untold knowledge and understanding.