Friday, August 28, 2009

Testing Risa

With Kira off to classes during the day, I have a bit of extra time to spend with Marisa.

This morning it was raining. Risa wanted to go out and watch the rain fall. Luckily it is getting cooler so being outside is easier for me. We sat outside for a while watching the rain and looking around.

I took this opportunity to test Risa on her colors. I can now say for certain that she is very clear on all her colors. This isn't the first time I've tested her. I do it pretty frequently. She's really known her colors for a while, but letting her pick out those colors in a natural setting makes it more certain that she's not just following a pattern.

She also counted to 5 for me. This is new. She can now count all the way to 5 all by herself. One more set of requirements that she has accomplished by just paying attention to the world around her...