Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Library Take

My visit to the library today brought a bit of interesting fare.

Kira chose three books to bring home with her. I gave her a limit this time because the last time she brought home nearly twenty books and never even opened most of them. Lesson learned!!!

Here's what she chose:

Goats by Sara Swan Miller

Baby Animals by Seymour Simon

The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive by Joanna Cole

I also brought home six movies. The movies at the library are by far my favorite resource for home schooling. We can gain a huge volume of information from watching these movies.

Here's what we chose:

Eyewitness Cat --- (Did you know that the purring from a cat is caused by vibrating bones that are located at the base of the cat's tongue? I didn't know this until about 5 minutes ago...)

Eyewitness Natural Disasters

Danger Rangers Fires and Liars

Popular Mechanics for Kids: Slither & Slime and other yucky things
( I absolutely adore the Popular Mechanics for Kids movies. )

Between the Lions: Season 1

Wild & Wacky World: But What Can I Do? All about helping others ( This is new to me. Kira saw it on the shelf and assured me that she was definitely old enough to watch this. It appears to be a religious based series that focuses on morals. )

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