Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain - Again!!!

There's more rain today. The forecast says it will rain for the next few days. I don't recall having this much rain all at once in quite a long time. When I was a kid it would rain almost every afternoon during the summer, but not long stretches of endless rain. We've had a pretty long stretch of endless rain here.

The girls are awake. They decided that getting up around 6:00 AM was a good idea today. I have NO IDEA why, because they're both grumpy and obviously still sleepy. I think we'll be making a visit to Grandma's today.

So far this morning Kira has tried to engage me in several different discussions. Unfortunately for her, I am NOT a morning person.

I'm trying to find the educational value in continual rain. Can somebody please tell me how to use this non-stop rain for educational good???


A. nony mouse said...

Well ...
- you can discuss the water cycle
- you can talk about what rain actually is and how a raindrop is formed
- you can talk about different kinds of clouds and how some of them cause rain and some don't
- you can talk about the difference between raindrops, sleet, hailstones and snowflakes (they all start the same way, varying conditions cause the changes)
- you can talk about problems with not enough or with too much rain

hope this helps